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Spring Cleaning Tip #4

Apr 21, 2010

Blog posted by Debra Heaton Views (12899)

Bedroom - Search and destroy all dust mites. These little critters get under the covers with you each night. Put an upholstery attachment on your vacuum and take it to your mattress and suck them up with the dirt and dust. Another bedroom item that could be crawling... [ read more ]

Spring Cleaning Tip #3

Apr 20, 2010

Blog posted by Debra Heaton Views (3968)

Kitchen - when battling the ogre of the kitchen - the oven - put some newpapers on the floor. Many linoleum floors have been destroyed by harsh chemicals. Splatter is inevitable in the microwave. Filll a bowl with water and heat it up in the microwave. The... [ read more ]

Spring Cleaning Tip #2

Apr 16, 2010

Blog posted by Debra Heaton Views (3969)

Don't do this ! :Vacuum up the ashes in your fireplace - It'll destroy your motor. ( Just as the volcanic ash from Iceland will destroy  jet engines. )  [ read more ]

Spring Cleaning Tip #1

Apr 15, 2010

Blog posted by Debra Heaton Views (3840)

Bathroom - You've scrubbed the toilet bowl, cleaned the tub and polished your fixtures, but there's one thing you may have forgot. Clean the exhaust fan. Unscrew it, vacuum all the dust it has trapped and then wash it with soap and water. You can skip this process... [ read more ]

It's Time to Buy

Apr 14, 2010

Blog posted by Debra Heaton Views (3668)

Interest rates are on the rise again and there is a good chance this is only the beginning. Now is the time to buy or sell. [ read more ]

How to Reduce Chemical Contaminants in Your Home

Oct 14, 2009

Blog posted by Debra Heaton Views (6027)

Our homes can contain many contaminants. Some come from living organisms and are grouped as biological contaminants. Examples are bacteria, viruses, dust mites, animal dander and molds. Other contaminants, which are not associated with living organisms, are... [ read more ]

Energy Audit

Oct 12, 2009

Blog posted by Debra Heaton Views (4912)

I recently attended a seminar on the federal government's energy saving program. The Energy Audit will soon be mandatory so why not do it sooner rather than later?  You can actually make money with this program in certain specific areas like insulation and... [ read more ]

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