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Spring Maintenance Tips

Mar 2, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (5314)

 The groundhog was wrong this year! When he said and early spring, my ears heard “WINTER IS OVER”. Unfortunately winter just keeps dragging on. It won’t be long though and we will have our first signs of spring, birds chirping, sun shining,... [ read more ]

Outdoor Lighting

Jan 17, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3461)

 I am already starting to dream about spring and warmer weather. Get a jump start on spring projects so that when the nice weather arrives you can enjoy your outdoor space. Here are some creative ideas for outdoor lighting for your home. Not only can outdoor... [ read more ]

Alternative Down Payment Sources

Jan 15, 2013

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (3735)

    NOW is the time to invest in RRSP’s to get a tax refund for 2012, which in turn can be used towards a down payment on a house or to pay down on your existing mortgage. THERE IS STILL TIME ! 1st time homebuyers... [ read more ]

Getting your house ready

Jan 1, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (20831)

I found this great article on the website and I thought that I would share it. If you are considering selling your home call me so that I can give you some hints and tips to prepare your home for sale. Plan ahead and call a month or more before you are... [ read more ]

Exterior Winter Home Maintence

Nov 26, 2012

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (22212)

Like it or not we here in Sarnia Lambton live in the snow belt of South Western Ontario. With the ground frozen and then often covered with snow and ice, work on the outside of the home is limited to the Fall and QUICKLY before the harsh winter. Work from this... [ read more ]

40 Women 40 Days $40,000

Nov 13, 2012

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3429)

For about 5 years I have organized a group of women who meet once a month to network and promote their businesses. Women In Networking (WIN), though it has no formal membership process, has over 200 women who take part in events from time to time. In the spring of... [ read more ]

Artificial Grass in your yard?

Nov 12, 2012

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (4820)

 I have recently noticed some signs around Sarnia that are advertising artificial grass for residential use so I decided to do some investigating. This is what I found out. There is a product that is very grass like, it is not  like the fake grass... [ read more ]

5 Factors to YOUR Credit Score

Oct 8, 2012

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (4546)

CREDIT: KNOW THE SCORE   Credit scoring has an enormous impact on your financial picture. It can mean the difference between getting a good interest rate on your mortgage loan, or whether you even qualify at all.     FIVE FACTORS:   Credit... [ read more ]

Cool Man Caves

Oct 1, 2012

Blog posted by Mark Reynolds Views (24004)

A few weeks ago I cleared everything out of my garage and went out to buy some cool garage storage cabinets. I bought three lockers and two cabinets all diamond grid with maple work benches with diamond grid doors and drawers and matching utility carts. I bought a... [ read more ]

The Price is Right! Right?

Oct 1, 2012

Blog posted by Bryan Murray Views (7149)

 When your listing hasn't sold, what's the first thing you look at? All together now: PRICE! Right? Not always. Not even most of the time.   Many real estate agents claim that price cures all. And in a way, they're right. If you have a listing that... [ read more ]

Storage Solutions

Sep 27, 2012

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3194)

 Fall is a time of new beginnings, kids are back to school, we get back into our routines and sports and activities start. It is also a great time to concentrate on de-cluttering your home with some creative storage solutions. Here are a few to get you... [ read more ]

Pro Secrets for Painting Kitchen Cabinets

Sep 25, 2012

Blog posted by Mark Reynolds Views (14577)

If your kitchen cabinets are solid but dated and dark, a fresh coat of paint can go a long way toward transforming the space without draining your bank account. You can hire a pro to spray-paint them for a thousand dollars or more, but there's a less costly,... [ read more ]

50 Great Date Night Ideas

Sep 21, 2012

Blog posted by Mark Reynolds Views (4696)

Continuing to date your spouse after you are married is one way to keep romance alive, say many marriage counselors and relationship experts. But no one ever seems to offer suggestions on where to go or what to do on a date with your husband or wife. After all,... [ read more ]

Is your Home Safe? Important for all Home Owners

Sep 18, 2012

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (4310)

Is your Home Safe?  Protect Your Family ! Fire Evacuation Plan Do you have a fire evacuation plan? A plan means that you make sure everyone in your home knows how to get out from each room, in case of a fire. If your home has a second floor, you need a... [ read more ]

The 3 Top Ways to Light Up Your Landscape

Sep 18, 2012

Blog posted by Mark Reynolds Views (2319)

The 3 Top Ways to Light Up Your Landscape Whether you're lighting a small side garden or a wide swath of yard, you'll be in the dark without understanding these essential elements         There are only three... [ read more ]

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