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Take the Plunge - 1st time home buyers

Mar 11, 2012

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (4186)

If you are currently renting, or are considering purchasing your 1st home, NOW is THE TIME TO DO IT ! Mortgage rates are still unusually low & Sarnia-Lambton continue to be stable & incredibly reasonable.  Many are... [ read more ]

New Sarnia OPEN HOUSE website created

Feb 10, 2012

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (10251)

In January, the Sarnia-Lambton Real Estate Board officially launched SarniaLambtonOpenHouses.ca, a smart, consumer-facing real estate open houses search engine that caters to potential home buyers who are looking for a home in the Sarnia-Lambton area. Board... [ read more ]

Teal is the new green!

Jan 12, 2012

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (2060)

 Happy New Year! 2012 has started with a very exciting new project at EXIT Realty Twin Bridges. Our office has launched a  new suite of programs and is also going virtually paperless. All of the sales representatives in our office are now equipped with... [ read more ]

2011- Turns out to be a Good Real Estate Year

Jan 11, 2012

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (2471)

2011 a good real estate year: December ends with a bang! SARNIA-LAMBTON - Warm weather and historically low interest rates lead to a real estate explosion in December, closing out a strong year in sales in Sarnia Lambton. Says the president of the Sarnia Lambton... [ read more ]

Choosing the Right School for Your Children

Jan 7, 2012

Blog posted by Bryan Murray Views (2578)

Choosing the Right School for Your Children For many families, a move to a new province or community means making difficult choices. Choosing from among the wide array of options of appropriate day care for younger children or schools for the older ones can... [ read more ]

Renovate Your Bathroom in the New Year

Dec 19, 2011

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (2355)

Tackle a Renovation this winter and you'll recover all the costs when time comes to sell ! And enjoy it in the meantime.   PAINT  Paint is the quickest and most economical solution for drab decor. All white is a traditional favourite, but take a cue... [ read more ]

Five Great things about home ownership

Nov 11, 2011

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (2176)

It is a great time to become a home owner, here are 5 great reasons why.....   1. Equity Why line your landlords pockets when you could be building equity in a home of your own? Home ownership can be a great part of a long term financial... [ read more ]

Energy Audit Program is back Sarnia Lambton!

Nov 1, 2011

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (2398)

ATTN: Home Buyers & Sellers of Sarnia Lambton-  The Ontario government has brought back this great program to rebate you money for upgrading your home’s energy efficiency.   This program has been running from this... [ read more ]

EXIT agents hold October Food Drive

Oct 14, 2011

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (2704)

Two Exit sale representatives, Shana Fellows & Julie Jenkins who try to concentrate sales in Sarnia's Sherwood Village organized their 2nd community event of 2011 just a few weeks ago. Sherwood Village is located near Lambton College & has over... [ read more ]

Food Drive

Oct 11, 2011

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (1877)

Sherwood Village Food Drive in support of the Inn of the Good ShepherdMy colleague  and I decided that we wanted to do something for our community and after some discussion we decided on a food drive in our neighbourhood. Shana and I both live and work in... [ read more ]

When should you sell?

Sep 1, 2011

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (1857)

When should you sell? Your answer to this question might be “right away”. If you’ve taken a job in another city or you’ve made an offer to purchase another home, selling your home fast is your main goal. Most people however have some... [ read more ]

Shana's Selling Sherwood

Aug 22, 2011

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (1909)

Do you live in Sherwood Village ? Or are concidering moving to this lovely family neighbourhood ? Well when time comes … go with a name you can trust ! I was born, raised and still reside right here in Sherwood Village, on Nassau Crescent. I... [ read more ]

Is mortgage or term life insurance the best choice for you?

Jul 10, 2011

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (2576)

Is mortgage or term life insurance the best choice for you?   Whether buying your first home and applying for your first mortgage or renewing an existing mortgage, you have probably been asked by your lendor about mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance is... [ read more ]

Home Buyers Plan

Jul 3, 2011

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3216)

Did you know that you can take up to $25,000 out of your RRSP to buy your first home?    Before applying to withdraw funds under the HBP you must meet the following conditions: You have to enter into a written agreement to buy or build a... [ read more ]

MOVING COSTS - dont forget about these !

Jun 28, 2011

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (2845)

Moving Costs - "When it comes to buying & selling expenses in Real Estate...The actual Moving costs into your new home are often over looked. Below are some things to keep in mind when your budgeting your real estate trasaction.  " -... [ read more ]

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