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Outstanding Business Achievement Awards

Mar 22, 2014

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3643)

Wow, what a night. Friday March 21st was the 25th annual Sarnia Lambton Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Business Achievement Awards, it was an awesome night. I feel truly honored to be one of the nominees in the Business Leadership category and to be recognized... [ read more ]

Buyer Agency 101

Mar 18, 2014

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3177)

When selling a home, people know that they will enter into a contract with the brokerage that will list their home, this is common and it’s what is expected. There is a similar contract that you can sign when you are buying a home called a buyer representation... [ read more ]

Young Professionals Award

Mar 11, 2014

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (4421)

I'm happy to announce that I have been given the honor of being presented the Young Professionals Award in 2014. Last year I was chosen for the cover for Women who Mean Business in First Mondays magazine so I was totally surprised when I was... [ read more ]

Adding Curb Appeal

Mar 1, 2014

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3374)

We know that most buyers are starting their home search online. They will take a look at the pictures and then they often take a drive by the property before they call the Realtor to book a showing. This is why curb appeal is so important.  Here are some... [ read more ]

Why I work by Referral

Feb 2, 2014

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3218)

I am working hard to build a relationship based business.  I like working with people I know, admire and respect and who also value my service.   Why? Because Relationships are more important than transactions Traditionally agents work with... [ read more ]

The worst upgrades for resale

Jan 23, 2014

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (4479)

Whether its the Sarnia real estate market or big city or small town some renovation upgrades, such as kitchens and bathrooms, are usually fairly reliable for adding to a home’s resale value. But there are others (and if you’ve gone house hunting in the... [ read more ]

What to do before applying for a mortgage

Jan 15, 2014

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3456)

Are you thinking about buying your first home this year? Dreaming of a bigger home? Here are some great tips on what to do before applying for a Mortgage! Something as small as an unpaid bill could be enough to see a mortgage application declined. Here are the... [ read more ]

New Home Builds - Bathroom Trends

Jan 6, 2014

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (4337)

This may not be the trends with all Sarnia home builders, especially the non-custom type builders but I personally love and love reading up on North American trends in Interior Design. So if your remodeling your current bathroom or... [ read more ]

2013 Real Estate Summary

Jan 6, 2014

Blog posted by Shana Fellows Views (4409)

Well it was an interesting year for Sarnia real estate in 2013. The first 3 months of the year seemed the usual; low inventory and few buyers. Everyone was waiting for the BIG spring kick off come the nice weather. But April came and it seemed there were a ton of... [ read more ]

What is Title Insurance?

Dec 16, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (2741)

  [ read more ]

Investment Properties - There has never been a better time

Nov 30, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (5081)

 If I could show you in 10 minutes or less how to double your investment in five years is that something that you would be interested in? With today’s low interest rates it can be possible. Traditionally investors use cash flow to determine a rental... [ read more ]

A Career in Real Estate?

Nov 15, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3333)

  If your objective is to build a rewarding lifetime career in real estate, you are interested in the best company to provide you that great career. So you look at the competition; all are unique and provide some interesting benefits and do provide most of... [ read more ]

My moment in the spotlight

Nov 3, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3291)

 I was recently asked to take part in a production at the Imperial Theatre in support of breast cancer awareness. As always, I have a lot on on my plate, so when the request came in I have to be honest I did hesitate before I answered. I can not tell you how... [ read more ]

The power of first impressions

Oct 25, 2013

Blog posted by Kelly Sitter Views (4964)

There’s no escaping the raw power of first impressions, especially when it comes to selling your home. Each time a potential buyer walks through your front door, you want their immediate thought to be: WOW! Article from style at The key to... [ read more ]

Home Inspections

Oct 14, 2013

Blog posted by Julie Jenkins Views (3304)

  You spend weeks getting your home ready for sale painting, cleaning and fixing. Your Realtor takes lots of great pictures, advertises your home and does open houses. You finally get an offer and you feel like the battle is over. Then comes the home... [ read more ]

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